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Whether you are looking for family fun, a romantic escape, or a weekend away, our surrounding areas have enough stellar shopping, dining and entertainment to serve as the ultimate South Florida destination - if you can bring yourself to leave Wyndham Deerfield Beach Resort, that is. Explore what to do in Deerfield Beach, from family-friendly attractions to exceptional entertainment and must-visit sightseeing destinations at every turn.

South Florida travel is easy when you stay in Deerfield Beach, as Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach, and Miami all sit within convenient driving distance of our hotel. Spend a day enjoying elite Boca Raton golf, shopping at the area's famed outlets and malls, or basking on the fine white sands of Deerfield Beach before hitting the town for an evening of carefully crafted cocktails, impeccably-plated dishes, and live entertainment.

Adventure lovers will find a wealth of ways to satisfy their urge for excitement in and around Deerfield Beach. Embark on an airboat tour of the Everglades and enjoy one of America's most massive natural wonders, find educational fun for the whole family at the Lion Country Safari, or set out on a sport-fishing voyage off the Atlantic coast. The best of the great outdoors lives just footsteps away from Wyndham Deerfield Beach Resort.